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Privacy Policy

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Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment

Little Casa Interiors is committed to playing its part in making the world a more sustainable place.

Sustainability is not about marketing or generating a unique selling point, it is the way we

conduct our business - the foundation of our values and brand.

The interior industry has been known to use a lot of materials and processes that are negative towards the environment. This is changing and it is our commitment to use environmentally friendly products and processes throughout your design as much as possible.

Reduced Waste

Where possible we will try to minimise the paperwork and provide you with online project documentation to reduce our environmental impact and wastage. We will try to source locally where possible to reduce our carbon footprint and support businesses throughout the UK. We also like to work with suppliers who are just as environmentally conscious keeping the entire supply chain as eco-friendly as possible.

We try to reduce wastage as much as possible throughout the entire process. From ensuring we order the correct amount of materials that you need to ensuring that the products recommended will be of quality that will last. Not only will you be happier with durable and high quality products that

last, the products are less likely to end up in landfill.

Recycled Materials

We use recycled paper for any marketing materials with the highest recycled material content possible and the least water intensive production process. We also use recycled tape on our packages. Goodbye plastic tape.

When it comes to materials for upholstering and drapery, we try to source materials using the BCI (British Cotton Initiative) or fabrics that are made from natural fibres such as linens, wool, silk and jute. We also have a large range of materials in our repertoire with 50% or more recycled fibres that still retain incredible colour and softness as well as durability.


Reused Products

We often think of ways to reuse your existing furniture through reupholstering and recycling. Not only will you retain love for your pieces, they will feel new and perfectly match within your updated space.

We also have an initiative where we take away any old paint tins and create artwork with any leftover paint. Never a drop wasted and the tins are sent back to suppliers for recycling also saving you the hassle or storage.

Environmentally Friendly Processes

We care that the entire process if eco-friendly and sustainable even from raw materials. For example, when sourcing products we ensure it is FSC certified wood that is used and we try to source locally where possible to ensure fair pay and good worker’s rights. Social responsibility is so important to us.

When choosing paints and wall coverings we use suppliers that are also environmentally conscious. We have a range of suppliers providing water based paints with no or ultra low/ trace VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Water-based paints are nearly odourless, which means that it’s safe to be in the same room soon after painting as they don’t release harsh chemicals into the air. VOCs are the gases given off by paints that contain solvents, which are harmful to people’s health and contribute to global warming. Zero VOC’s makes it safer for you and for the planet.

We even have suppliers that provide paints with natural pigmentation ensuring that no harsh chemicals are used as pigments or binders.

This isn’t just talk, we ensure that the products are certified and safe to ISO standards and work with credible partners within the industry.

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